To see the results of Potbowling tournaments, proof of concept, click HERE!:

To see part II Youtube explanation of how the potbowling tournaments work, click here:

To see part III Youtube explanation of how the potbowling tournaments work, click here:

Folks, we need participants. PLEASE Register, then signup for events. Roll your games, then POST YOUR SCORES! The next day, look in the 'Winners Circle' for your name!

Welcome! It's simple to participate. It's free (for now, but no prizes either). We use your USBC book average to start, your USBC ID number, and a bowling center ID number. On the button menu to the left is a button to register (one time only), a button to sign up for a Potbowling event, a button to post the 3 game pincount you rolled in your USBC sanctioned League or Tournament, a button (winners circle) to see the daily results and a button to find your bowling center ID in our system. Thats all there is to it! Take a moment to register, then when you are going to bowl in a league or tournament event, sign up. After you have bowled, post your total 3 game pincount. We do the rest. We put you on a team from bowlers around the country. The scores you posted are subtracted from your average maintained in the system, then added to your teammates score. The team scores are compared to other team scores to determine the winning team. We have two events for now (more can be added) a winning team take all and one team in the money (no money yet) for every forty entrants.

I designed this tournament so that bowlers of ALL abilities have an equal chance, sign up and see for yourself!

We run the events in the early morning and the results are available in the Winners Circle button after. While we are demonstrating the concept, you can use any ID, and any score. We prefer you get the full experiance by using actual scores, but while we are building our base of bowlers, we are not validating scores or your ID. After we have enough bowlers we will eliminate the computer generated bowlers. When there are enough bowlers that want to play for prizes, we will clean out our files and re-register everyone with valid USBC ID's and begin confirmation of scores posted.