What's in it for me?

That is the generally the first question we hear when we speak with proprietors about pot bowling. We like to think that the tournament will take off, generating additional revenues in linage and increased league Attendance. Like everything else you do to make your center viable, how much is returned to you depends on the level of effort you wish to contribute.

During the simulated events, we show who won the Winner take All and a 1 winner in 40. We can add events from regions, fee amounts, time zones or even World wide. Initially, and to demonstrate how it will work and what the payouts will look like, we will run two simulated events until such time as we have enough houses to make the Inter House payouts interesting. At that time we will switch from simulated events to fee based events with real payouts. During the simulated events we will accept registration from USBC registered bowlers, post scores and run events with both simulated bowlers and live bowlers. We want to be sure you are familiar with how it works (fairly simply, really) while we build the family of Houses.

There is a report available in the Winners Circle button regarding your house participation, where you can see how many entrants and who has won to date. You will not be responsible for collecting fees or distributing prize funds from your center.

We hope you will give considerable thought to what we are attempting to accomplish. If we are successful, you will see a stabilizing of league loss, and we suspect, an increase in participation levels. That is our goal and we think it is yours as well. Thanks!

Jim Yeatrakas,
Tournament Director